Explore Da Ngon Stream


Da Ngon Stream located in the northeast of the island of Phu Quoc, close to Duong Dong lake with 7 beautiful waterfalls are not many tourists know.

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Why Da Ngon Stream is special ?

With the system of seven waterfalls, Da Ngon stream is the suitable place for those who love to explore and adventure. It always has water all the year around.

Da Ngon stream

The Da Ngon Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall located in the north eastern section of the Phu Quoc National Park. The Da Ngon stream, which leads to the Da Ngon Waterfall, consists of several smaller waterfalls which are all connected to the Ham Ninh Mountain Range and eventually drains into Duong Dong Lake. The scenery here is a nature lovers dream as the area is lush and teeming with plant and animal life.

What to explore at Da Ngon Stream?

The lake at the foot waterfall as spacious Jacuzzi pools that nature treats travellers who conquer the beautiful waterfalls. Here is the place where travellers can explore the vegetation abundant forest of Phu Quoc with orchids, the precious wood.

Da Ngon stream

How to get to Da Ngon Stream?

To arrive at Da Ngon stream, you have two options: go across the lake by boat or walk around the lake for at least 3.5 km

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