Tips To Eat Ham Ninh Flower Crab


Flower crab is the specialty of this island and readily available in many local restaurants. The fresh red flower crabs get an amazing taste and rich texture when being boiled and dipped in the sauce made from black pepper, salt and lime juice.

You are allowed to pick up the freshest crab in tank and ask the waiter to cook what you chose.

Ham Ninh crabs

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Tips to eat flower crab

A large crab is not tasty as the smaller ones. Therefore, you should choose the medium – size that there are about 6-7 flower crabs in a kilogram. In addition, if you like crab – roe, choose female crabs. If you like meaty ones, choose male crabs. Crabs on Phu Quoc island are so good that it is a pity if you do not try this kind of seafood when arriving the island.

In order to enjoy the best flower crabs, you should visit Ham Ninh which is 20 kilometers away from Duong Dong town.


Where to eat crabs on Phu Quoc island

  • Ninh fishing village restaurant (Rach Ham, Ham Ninh center)
  • Bien Xanh (Blue Ocean) restaurant (Price: VND 500,000 – 1,100,000)
  • Kim Cuong restaurant at Cua Lap Hamlet, Duong To commune, PhuQuoc
  • Song Le – Lang Be Seafood restaurant at Ham Ninh Fishing Village (Price: VND 50,000 – 330,000)

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