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Shopping in Phu Quoc
Shopping in Phu Quoc

Shopping is very the certain thing for tourists coming through a phu quoc tour to Phu Quoc Island but not all people know about the reliable shops and their addresses. Here are some suggestions for you.

Shop in Phu Quoc
Shop in Phu Quoc

Food and Wine (at the traffic lights in Nguyen Trai St) offers not only a good selection of cellared international wines but also a range of typical Western foodstuffs, including canned food, spreads, sauces and cheeses.

Hoang Yen (5 Nguyen Trai St) is a grocery shop selling a wide range of non-perishable products, including beer, and gives service with a smile, though not much English is spoken.

Tran Hung Dao St, near the resorts, has many small grocery/drink vendors for emergency supplies, from early morning till night.

Kim Hoa Sport (31 Nguyen Trai St) and Thuy Nga (around the corner in Nguyen An Ninh St) are the places to go for sports t-shirts (up to 2XL), shorts, or swimsuits. They also sell basic sports equipment like footballs and tennis balls.

Phu Quoc Creation (30 and 33 Tran Hung Dao St) is a good place to pick up a genuine cotton t-shirt or casual clothes for the beach, in Western and children’s sizes. Their newer shop over the road sells a range of Vietnamese souvenirs, including lacquerware. Open 7 days, morning till night.

Pho Bien Camera Shop (Bach Dang St, by Cau Castle) is the best place for decent camera batteries or to have prints or CDs made of your holiday snaps. Cameras also sold here. Friendly service.

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