Alanis Deli

Alanis Coffee Deli

Alanis Coffee Deli offering wide range sort of coffe, Cocktails and Mocktails . Besides, this place also have offered a good lunch, takeout, delivery, late night, dessert for guests. Why Alanis Coffee Deli is special...

Analis Deli Phu Quoc

Analis Deli is a coffee shop located on Tran Dung Dao road, Duong Dong street. With a convenient location, guests can easily access for a morning café or evening hangout. Chic décor always produces...
Ai Xiem restaurant

Ai Xiem Restaurant

Where else in the world can you eat gourmet food in a restaurant that is not only outdoors, but actually located on the beach? Phu Quoc is this kind of place. Ai Xiem Restaurant...
Vietnamese baguette sandwiches

Banh mi – Vietnamese baguette sandwiches

Vietnamese baguette sandwiches, called Banh Mi, have attracted a loyal fan base like never before. Like a musical band with rock star status, these sandwiches have an almost cult-like following of epicurean devotees. The...
Le Deauville Bar

Le Deauville Bar

How many restaurants in the world allow you to eat seafood where it should be eaten, which is on the beach in reach of the waves? >> Ganesh Indian Restaurant >> The Spice House Phu Quoc seems to make...
Enjoy Vietnamese food at Cami Restaurant

Cami Restaurant

The Cami restaurant indtroduction It is luxurious yet elegant with unrivaled luxury of any of the top international fine dining restaurant options. Travel with us and taste a Vietnamese adventure of Vietnamese cuisine from all...
Eating in Phu Quoc

Le Cap Breton Restaurant

Located right beside Coi Nguon Museum and opposite the entry of La Veranda Resort, Le Cap Breton restaurant is easy to access and a popular restaurant for both local and tourists.
Pepper Tree Restaurant

The Pepper Tree Restaurant And Le Jardin

The Pepper Tree Restaurant and  Le Jardin Restaurant are both restaurant at La Veranda Resort, serving Vietnamese food and Italian food. The Pepper Tree Restaurant Pepper is pretty much the main crop grown on Phu Quoc Island...

Restaurants in Phu Quoc

The food on Phu Quoc really is a foodie’s paradise! Not only is the best of Vietnamese and international cuisine available but every morning local fisherman bring ashore the freshest and tastiest seafood and fish to be found in southeast Asia. International chefs...
Fried Shrimp

Gop Gio Restaurant

Address: 145 Bach Dang Street, 2nd Quarter, Duong Dong, Phu Quoc Tel (84-77) 384 7057 If you are interested in southern style meals in Phu Quoc, you can expect lots of chilies as southern food are...

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